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Welcome to Murray Hill in Annapolis, a historic neighborhood that dates back to 1651.  In that year Richard Acton, a carpenter, was issued a certificate of survey for a 100 acre tract of land on the north side of a creek then called Acton’s Creek, but now known as Spa Creek.  In the years between 1651 and 1837, the original tract was doubled, named "Acton" and “Acton Hall”, Murray Hill’s most famous landmark home was first begun around 1760.  This larger land area was referred to as the “Plains of Annapolis”.  In 1837, a lawyer, James Murray (1751 – 1866), acquired about 100 acres from this larger tract and moved into Acton Hall.  Beginning in the 1880’s, James Murray’s heirs began to sell off parts of his original estate, and by 1890 they had a surveyed plat that laid out streets and lots for sale in what has become the modern neighborhood of Murray Hill.  

Murray Hill is now over 125 years old, and the community celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2015.  The neighborhood has grown to include Spa View Heights, an area platted under that name, and encompasses the area between Cathedral Street to Chase Street and West Street to Spa Creek.  Murray Hill is a beautiful collection of homes built in various periods and architectural styles.  The many tree-lined streets and views of Spa make it a very desirable community to live in.  Our walking proximity to downtown and Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts also contributes to the desirability of the neighborhood.  

Murray Hill residents feel very proud of our neighborhood and the community in which we live.  Not only does Murray Hill welcome you, but we extend a sincere invitation to join and participate in our residents association.  It is an opportunity to meet your neighbors, make new friends, and to become aware and involved in a variety of community issues and activities. An involved citizenry ensures a positive and caring neighborhood.  We hope you will join us at one of our community meetings and our annual neighborhood picnic held each September.



Tom Beck

MHRA President

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